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February 03, 2021 3 min read

You may have heard about the benefits of citrus bergamot.

The research on this little green citrus fruit has exploded over the last decade, and the cardiovascular health benefits are extremely compelling.

This article will explore 3 of the known benefits of citrus bergamot.

benefits of bergamot

What Is Citrus Bergamot Fruit?

Bergamot is a small citrus fruit grown in Italy. Aside from supplements, you are most likely familiar with it if you drink Earl Grey tea where its peel is used to add a distinct citrus flavor.

The fruit itself is about the size of an orange and ranges in color from green to yellow depending on how ripe the fruit is. These fruits are sometimes called citron doux- “sweet lemons” - but they are actually a hybrid of lemon and bitter oranges.

Keep in mind, citrus bergamot is more than just a nice flavoring for your tea. It also offers a myriad of health benefits in different doses of its supplement form.

Benefits of Bergamot Supplements:

While there is a lot that has yet to be discovered about bergamot, there are some well-documented health benefits. 

1. Cholesterol Support 

Elevated cholesterol levels is arisk factor associated with heart disease.

A staggering 93,000,000 US adults (age 20 or older) havehigh total cholesterol levels! That is nearly 1/3 of the US population. 

Bergamot may be an option for those who are looking to naturally support their heart health. 

Italian researchers studied the impact of bergamot on cholesterol levels. 

Participants of the study received either 500 mg or 1000 mg of citrus bergamot extract for 30 days. 

The group receiving 500mg daily saw a drop of LDL cholesterol by 24% and the group receiving 1000mg saw a reduction of 36%. Both groups saw an increase in HDL cholesterol and a reduction in triglycerides. 

Another trial looked at 107 participants with metabolic syndrome. The study participants received 650 mg of bergamot extract or placebo for 120 days. 

Those receiving the bergamot saw a reduction of total cholesterol by 25.7%, an increase of HDL cholesterol by 28.9% and a reduction of triglycerides by 31%.

This compelling research shows that taking Citrus Bergamot may be a good option for helping to naturally support your body’s heart health.

2. Supports Normal Blood Sugar Levels

There is evidence that suggests that citrus bergamot can help to support healthy blood sugar levels. 

One12 week study examined the effects of bergamot on glucose levels, among other markers, and found a reduction in blood glucose levels for the study participants.

Ananimal study found that bergamot was able to successfully reduce blood glucose levels by 15-25%.

It is thought that bergamot activates an enzyme call AMP-activated protein kinase, or AMPK for short. 

This enzyme, also activated by exercise, is found in every cell in your body andplays a role in processing glucose and fatty acid oxidation.

Long story short, it looks like Citrus Bergamot may be a good option for those looking to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

3. Other Benefits of Citrus Bergamot

There are additional benefits to bergamot that require further clinical research. Additional areas of exploration include its effectiveness in supporting healthy joint function, supporting stress, and sleep support. 

Aside from the supplement form, citrus bergamot can be used as an essential oil for purposes such as helping to heal cold sores faster.

How Much Bergamot Should You Take?

Most of the clinical data suggests that a minimum daily dose 500 mg for most cardiovascular health benefits.

The form is usually in a powdered extract made from the rind of the fruit. This was what the researchers in Italy used in their original studies (2).

If you are looking to take a citrus bergamot dietary supplement, make sure it contains at least 500 mg of powdered extract.

A dose less than 500 mg may not be as effective. 

Buy Bergamot Supplements

Bergamot is an exciting new dietary supplement innovation. With impressive research behind it, it looks like a great option for those looking for natural cardiovascular health support. 

Utzy Naturals'Berbercol combines 500 mg of Bergamonte®, a patented form of bergamot orange extract, with 600 mg of berberine in just 2 capsules.

Coupled with Utzy's Empty Bottle Guarantee,Berbercol an attractive option for those who are wanting to experience the benefits of bergamot!


Daniel Powers (co-founder of Utzy Naturals) is a health fanatic and writer. He's currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Herbal Medicine. He's obsessed with learning how to live a healthier, happier life. 

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