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Auto Delivery

Do you love your Utzy Naturals products, but often find yourself running out of product at the end of the month?

Subscription boxes from Utzy Naturals are an easy way to maintain your health alongside your hectic schedule! Sign up for a subscription box, and every month we’ll automatically send you a box of your favorite products.

You are in complete control, with the ability to pause or cancel at anytime. Includes free shipping.

How It Works         

  • You choose the products you like and click "auto-delivery" to add the subscription to your cart 
  • All subscription orders automatically get a 15% discount + free shipping; it's our way of saying "thank you" for your loyalty.
  • Choose the auto-delivery frequency that works best for you (from every other week to once every 6 weeks)
  • You can cancel, modify, or pause your subscription at any time,