Two clinically studied forms of collagen formulated to help maintain healthy connective tissue*. Read More >>

Signal, Then Repair Joint Tissue.

A combination of two clinically-studied forms of collagen. UC-II® is an undenatured type II collagen that signals your body that it's time to rebuild joint tissue. Fortigel® provides the perfectly sized particle that your body can then use to build new joint tissue.

  • •EASY TO TAKE | Flavorless powder that easily dissolves in water

    •PROVEN | Collagen has been shown to maintain healthy connective tissue

    •CLINICALLY-BACKED | Our formula features Fortigel® and UC-II® collagen peptides

  • Gelatin hydrolysate (Bovine)(as Fortigel™), Collagen (from Chicken Cartiladge)(as UC-II®).


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    We have a 90-day Empty Bottle Guarantee. Whether the bottle is full or empty, if our supplements don‘t work for you, contact us within 90 days and we will make it right.

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Kyle S.
United States United States
Give a peace of mind that I drink collagen every single day for my joints.

I like that this collagen powder has more type II collagen and fortigel that is really focused on joint support. It gives me peace of mind that I drink collagen every single day for my joints.

United States United States
Even in plain water this goes down very easily!

This is tasteless, dissolves easily, and I couldn’t detect any change in flavor or consistency when I drink my water quickly after adding it. I’m certain it would be undetectable in any other beverage I drink.

Utzy Naturals Coll-U-Gen ReviewUtzy Naturals Coll-U-Gen Review
Joe O.
United States United States
Ache Free Training

I ramped up my running just as I started taking this formula. While I didn't have any symptoms at the time, I haven't developed any of aches/pains that I do sometimes develop while ramping up training, so that is notable. I was impressed with the solubility of the collagen powder. I have used "Vital Proteins" collagen powder in the past, and this mixture was not nearly as "clumpy" or as sticky as theirs. This solubility makes it so much easier to consume and clean out of a shaker bottle. I appreciated the clarity of the ingredients. I respect and trust supplements that are very transparent about the ingredients included. The blue bottles are an incredible aesthetic touch as well.

United States United States
High Quality Collagen for Joints

An excellent collagen, this type II collagen from chicken (UCII®) is beneficial for joint support, especially as signs of aging occur, and the body is producing less collagen. Collagen is the main support in the body and gives cartilage its strength in supporting the joints of the body. This powder mixes well and can be used in almost any drink/food, either or hot/cold.

United States United States
Quality collagen, a cut above most.

I have tried numerous brands of collagen powders, and this Coll-U-Gen powder distinguishes itself by its truly flavorless and low to almost non-existent odor, which are excellent characteristics for people who are very sensitive to smell and flavor (like my mom and wifey). The powder dissolves readily in pretty much anything I mixed it with (e.g., tea, coffee, smoothie, protein shake). At $45 for 24 servings, it's definitely priced on the higher side but the quality is definitely up there. 5 stars.

Utzy Naturals Coll-U-Gen Review

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