Our Story

Our Driving Force

Utzy Naturals was created for you!
We searched and could not find a truly premium brand of supplements. So we created our own.
Utzy Naturals is not for everyone – only those that are discriminating in their choices, settling for nothing but the best.

Why Utzy Naturals is Different

As a company that has been manufacturing supplements for over 25 years, our founder grew tired of having yet another contract manufacturer customer tell him that his prices were too high, and that the testing we do is “after all, not required by the FDA”. We are dismayed when someone tells us that inexpensive raw materials from China are just as good as the US-sourced ingredients we use.

This is why we created Utzy Naturals. We never apologize for quality – or the extent to which we will go or test, to make the best and safest supplements possible. That is who we are – Excellence is the only way we travel. Our best is truly that! And our promise is really this: With Utzy Naturals you can Supplement with Confidence.

Truthful Information

We don’t sensationalize or chase fads here. There are too many infomercials promising the moon, or product labels filled with "propriety blends" that are only window dressing for the cheap and ineffective substances they use in higher quantities. Utzy Naturals chases the truth and then puts it in our products!

It’s trendy nowadays to chase after the ingredient of the week – some newly discovered herbal remedy from the jungle’s of the Amazon or maybe it’s fresh organic Yak’s milk shipped in from the Himalayas. We’ll offer you the latest, in fact we already do, but it’s only after we know for certain that the ingredients have been researched for safety and effectiveness.

Effective Products

At the end of the day, our aim is to provide the very best supplements possible, so that you can supplement with confidence. This comes in our promise of always having the very best raw materials, significant doses, concern for safety and manufacturing at the front and center, so that our products are always what we say they are.

If you haven’t yet – give us a try! You have nothing to loose – Utzy offers a 30-day Empty Bottle Guarantee.

Our Promise

Quality Products You Can Depend On

Our Promise

At Utzy we are dedicated to providing you with the finest supplements in the world so that you can live a healthier lifestyle.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease,

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