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August 17, 2017 3 min read

In the supplement industry, there are many different grades of quality. Super supplements are supplements that are the highest quality grade.

You see, not all supplements are created equal

For instance, in the auto industry, General Motors owns many different brands that serve different needs. They have Chevrolet for mass market transportation, GMC for upgraded trucks and SUV’s, and Cadillac for those seeking a luxurious ride. Each brand has different quality standards and provides differing levels of luxury.

It’s the same thing in the supplement industry.

You have mass market, cheap brands and then you have super-premium supplement brands.

What Is A Super Supplement?

A super supplement is a product that is created with high standards. This starts with the formulation process. This includes which ingredients go into the formula, how much of each, etc…

A dirty little secret in the supplement industry is that products are often formulated with the price in mind BEFORE the product is made.

This means that the cheapest ingredients are sourced, often from China. Not only that, but puny ingredient amounts are then used in the formula. This leads to cheap, ineffective supplements that are bound to disappoint those that take them.


 super premium supplements


Super Supplement vs. Regular Supplements

A superpremium grade supplement starts with a formula based off of science. A formula that includes the right ingredients, sourced from the top growers right here in America, or from Europe (where many top grade botanicals are grown).

Ingredients are then included in the optimal doses. At Utzy, we don’t water down our products. We include the RIGHT ingredients in the RIGHT doses. This is the only way to create supplements that work.

Once the formula and ingredients have been selected, a super supplement should then be manufactured in a cGMP facility. Many brands farm out their manufacturing to whoever will do it for the cheapest price. This give them no control of the manufacturing process and allows for potential safety errors to occur.

At Utzy, we own our manufacturing facility and have a history of making supplements for 20+ years. We know how to create quality, effective supplements. In addition to that, our facility is audited by the FDA and other agencies to ensure that we are manufacturing with excellence and that everything we create is pure, safe, and effective for our customers.

Also, a super supplement should be tested to ensure its safety before it is sold. At Utzy, our products go through many different tests to ensure its safety. This adds costs, but ensures the safety and effectiveness of our product. We do this so that you can supplement with confidence.

You can read more about our quality and testing standards here.


Why Should You Buy A Super Super Supplement?

While a mass market supplement might be easy on your budget, it won’t be nearly as effective. Supplements made with cheap ingredients that come in under-dosed amounts are bound to be ineffective.

So why should you buy a super supplement?

Simply put, you should buy a super supplement because it will actually work.

With effective ingredients and dosages, as well as being made in a facility that is up to date with the latest cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices), superpremium supplements are the only way to go. All other supplements in comparison are bound to disappoint.

If you are interested in checking out some superpremium products, you can learn more about Utzy's product line here.


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