November 21, 2016 2 min read

This week, millions of us will gather around the table, enjoy delicious food, and celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family. In addition to the food, many households traditionally have everyone go around the table and say one thing they are thankful for this year.

This year, we want your health to be something you're thankful for!

One of our main goals at Utzy is to help you live a healthy lifestyle. So you can be your best, not just for this Thanksgiving, but all year long!


Being Grateful Helps Your Health

There are a lot of ways you can be thankful for your health this week. Simply acknowledging that you're grateful for your health could help improve it. It sounds strange, but stay with us. Research has actually shown being grateful helps improve your health. A study conducted in 2015 by the American Psychological Association found people with high levels of gratitude were in better moods, had higher quality sleep, and had reduced inflammation in their hearts. So not only will being thankful for good health put you in a good mood, but it'll help your heart, too!


Good Health Can Get Lost in the Shuffle

Many stores (and maybe even some of your neighbors) have already started setting out holiday decorations. As the holiday season officially kicks off, it brings with it additional stresses that can affect your health. The stress of work, holiday shopping, and family and friends coming into town can take its toll.

During a regular week we rarely have time to take care of ourselves. However, when you take care of yourself, the rest usually follows. It's easy to forget that our health is connected to just about everything we do in any given day. Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to get away from the normal day.

This Thanksgiving, make your health the priority so you can enjoy time with family and friends!


What Can You Do?

We all have a lot to be thankful for every day of the year, but especially during the Thanksgiving holiday when we are constantly stimulated by everything around us, it's important to be conscious of our health.

Utzy offers several different supplements to make sure you're at your best for this Holiday season and as a fresh start entering the New Year. Make sure to consider adding our magnesium drink, called U-Mag, to your daily routine. While Thanksgiving is filled with delicious food and family, it can also be stressful preparing for the day. Magnesium is a natural relaxer and it may come in handy during the hectic Thanksgiving weekend.

Lack of sleep also affects your health and energy levels. Our Utzzz's: Sleep Support System not only helps you fall asleep, but stay asleep. Have plenty of energy to celebrate not just this Thanksgiving, but the entire Holiday season.

Check out all of our different products to help you on your healthier future! Make sure to keep your eyes open for our special surprise offer coming on Black Friday!

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