Formula may sound like a foreign word to you – here it is a recipe for spectacular health! Every product is born out of decades of experience in dietary supplements. A highly skilled team, under the direction of Jeremy Johnson, PharmD, Ph.D., researches and develops everything Utzy offers, making certain that you can Supplement with Confidence.


The goal is very simple: Effective and Safe Products

• Ingredients - Careful detail is spent on every ingredient used in Utzy products (see our Ingredients page)
• Dosage/Potency – Linking dosage to published outcomes and successful clinical trials is key to our product effectiveness
• Synergy – Ingredients in Utzy formulas are meticulously researched and designed to work synergistically for maximum results
• Once a product is formulated, it must be approved by our regulatory and compliance staff
• Formulas are reviewed as a whole, as well as each ingredient as a singular component for safety
• Utzy Naturals’ complete thoroughness ensures that you Supplement with Confidence with everything we make

Our Research Team

Dr. Johnson’s research has lead to more than 45 publications and published abstracts in the health promoting properties of natural products, phytochemicals and plant extracts. His expertise in guiding formulations that are scientifically based and effective is sealed with excellence.

Our Commitment

Quality. Safe. Effective.