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January 19, 2018 3 min read

Going to regular gym can be difficult.

You have to work out with sweaty crowds of people you don’t know while listening to loud, annoying pop music - not to mention the judgemental stares.

That, plus having to drive to the gym and fit it into your schedule.

Having your own home gym space is so freeing. You can workout however you like - whenever you want!

Of course, it’s not always easy to find the space for a home gym, and equipment can be expensive, but it’s hard to beat having your own gym setup!

Below are some tips for how to build your home gym.

Find, and Create, a Designated Workout Space

First off, you need to designate a space as “your gym”, make it a place that motivates you. Personalize your home gym space the way it would benefit you the most — setting up speakers, posters, painting the wall, good lighting, mirrors — whatever it may be to keep the energy alive.

Your home gym space should be a place where the outside-world’s drama won’t barge in and bother you. Look for room in your garage, a basement, anywhere with a closed door and enough room to move around.

Your gym should be clear of clutter and distractions so that you can focus on your workouts.

Invest In Quality Equipment

Many of us have compiled a variety of useless exercise equipment over the years (Perfect Pushups® anyone?) that takes up precious space in our houses.

Instead of gimmicky exercise tools, invest in training equipment that will last.

Keep in mind good exercise equipment doesn’t mean that it’s expensive.

One of the reasons many people want a home gym, besides evading the sweaty traffic at the YMCA, is to save money. There’s no reason to spend top dollar on some commercial gym-standard weight machine that is only good for showing off to your friends.

Leave the machines at the public gym.

Free-weight workouts allow for avariety of different workouts that machines can’t always offer. Plus, they’re easier to stow away.


The Most Important Pieces of Gym Equipment

With so many different types and kinds of exercise equipment out there, it gets confusing on what you should get.

I prefer to keep it simple - start with the basics and add to your gym as you go along.

There are 3 basic pieces of equipment that you’ll need

•barbell (plus weights)



With these 3 basic pieces of equipment you have everything you need to get in shape. Here is a link to a basic6 week home gym workout plan.

You can find this equipment available at your local sporting goods store or through an online supplier like FringeSport. If your budget is limited, I’d suggest looking for your gear on websites like Craigslist (or Facebook Marketplace) - if you do some searching you can often find a great deal on used gear.

Keep in mind, the equipment you get for your gym is dependent on the style of training that you prefer. If you are more into yoga, or biking, or TRX; then by all means invest in that type of equipment.

The Best Cardio Equipment

If you live in a place where the weather gets too extreme to go outside for cardio, an indoor cardio machine is necessary. There are a ton of specialized brands that come in the form of a rower, an elliptical, a stationary bike, a treadmill, and more. When it comes to which one is the best, that entirely depends on the person.

Many people like cardio machines that are “zero impact”, meaning you don’t strike the ground (like when you run). A good example of a zero impact machine is an elliptical.

According to theNew York Times, running burns more calories than biking, but biking is easier on the muscles and knees long term.Getting a stationary bike might be a good first option, mainly because they’re less bulky and easier to move around than a treadmill.

It may be necessary to try out a few different types of machines to decide what you like best.

When building your home gym, the best thing to remember is to keep it simple. A home gym shouldn’t be looked at as some interior decorating project to post on Pinterest. It’s a place to do work.

It’s a place to sweat and to smell bad — where you can discreetly improve your physical form free from public judgement and can later shower in the privacy of your own bathroom.

A win-win!

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