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Regular exercise is important, it helps us remain fit and healthy.

Exercise also helps us gain strong muscles and bones, maintain a healthy body weight, and leads to a healthier life.

Listed are some activities which should become a part of your daily routine. They will not only help you in staying healthy, but they will also keep you physically and mentally fit.

For the proper functioning of some parts of our body, precise movements are required. It is scientifically proven that performing regular exercise can help increase the number of years in a person’s life.

There are some extremely important exercises, called core exercises, which can increase physical and mental strength. These exercises can help with energy increase, helping you be more active with your work.

In total, there are six main, essential exercises which act as a base to other exercises which are more difficult. The following exercises should be done daily so that you can remain fit.

First Things First: Warm-up

It is very necessary for you to get warmed up before doing any exercise. The warm-up is done so that you can get into the flow of your exercise, which helps you preprare for your workout ahead. Doing an exercise immediately, without a proper warmup, can cause injury and should be avoided.

Good warmups include jumping-jacks, a light jog, and a couple simple stretches of the bodily area that you plan on working out.


1. Brisk walking

If you are planning to exercise, then among all of the workouts, the easiest is to do a regular walk. In the beginning, you may walk at a normal pace, but with the passage of time, it should become more intense as it will not only help you in gaining strength, but will also keep you fit. 

The walk in which you are more passive is known as brisk walking. There is a specified speed which is about 3 miles per hour. It also helps in improving the blood circulation.

If you walk regularly, then it makes the flow of blood to all parts of the body more efficient. This exercise is recommended by almost all the physicians as it is generally beneficial to your overall health.


2. Running

Everybody has some specific strength according to which it can perform various types of tasks. Similarly, the body has a specific capacity and stamina according to which a person can run. It is one of the essential requirements of the body.

When you run, the body produces warmth which helps the heart in beating vigorously. It helps with better blood circulation.

It is recommended that you should perform some deep breath after running. If you run regularly it will help to burn body fat - a major benefit!


3. Cycling

If you are planning on regular exercise, then a good activity that can benefit you is cycling. It not only strengthens your bones, but also helps in the proper circulation of blood to all parts of the body.

It is beneficial for both young and old. Plan on cycling for 10 to 20 minutes a day- this is equivalent to going for a jog.


4. Push-ups

This exercise is performed in a prone position where the lower body parts are raised by using your arms. It is a common calisthenics exercise.

To do a push-up, balance your body on your toes and hands and then try to lift your body upwards. Push-ups help in developing the scapular muscles and rotator cuff muscles. If performed the right way pushups will help in stabilizing your shoulders.

If regular pushups are too difficult, try doing pushups from your knees. This will lighten the load and allow you to do more repetitions.


5. Pull-ups

In this exercise you hang on a pull-up (or maybe a power tower) and move your body up and down. This exercise will make you stronger and can increase your body's overall muscle mass.

If regular pullups are too difficult, then try scaling them back. Good scaling options include using a band to help pull you up or doing a "kipping" pull-up were you swing you legs to give you momentum.

Pullups are one of the best bang for your buck exercises, make sure to include them in your routine!


6. Weighted Carries

Despite it's simplicity, weighted carries (also known as "farmer's walks") are a fantastic exercise that we should all be doing. It's simple, pick up some weight and walk with it. 

Options for carrying weight could include a weighted vest, heavy water bottles, or dumbbells. Dumbbells are especially easy to use for weighted carries. Simply pick up a weight that is somewhat heavy for you and start walking with it.

If you need a pair of dumbbells for home workouts, make sure to research which ones are the Best Dumbbell Sets can be very important to make your shoulders strong. With carrying weights, you can make your muscles stronger.


Ida Jones is a mother of two little ones. She enjoys home-based workouts, cardio exercises and long runs. She loves spending her vacations outdoors with her kids around nature. She believes in clean and healthy eating. She regularly writes about fitness tips and much more at Fitness Grit


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