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October 30, 2017 5 min read

At Utzy Naturals, nothing is more important to us than helping you meet your nutrition needs. No matter what stage you’re at in your health journey, we can all use a little help, whether it’s new workout idea, creative recipes, or an inspirational story.

That’s why we have rounded up a list of the top 23 health and wellness bloggers from around the web. From running blogs to healthful cooking blogs, this article shines a light on the best health and wellness blogs.

Click on the links to head over to any blog that catches your interest. We recommend checking out  a post or two from each blog, to see how they can help you reach your health and wellness goals.

Ready to see which health bloggers made the cut? Scroll down to view the full list!

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1. Fit Girl’s Diary

Fit Girl’s Diary is a blog run by Monica May. She runs a fitness focused blog with helpful tips on workouts. She also offers fanatic recipes and died programs. Check her out!



2. Purely Twins

Purely Twins is a blog run by twin sisters Lori and Michelle. As certified personal trainers and nutritionists, they offer fantastic advice on health and wellness. They offer gluten free cookbooks as well as workout tips for pregnant women. Check out there fantastic blog!



3. Cuckoolemon

Cuckoolemon is run by Nicole, an avid runner and marathoner. Her blog provides humorous updates on what goes into living an active, fit lifestyle. Nicole also provides a good look into what is required when training for races, whether a 5K or a full marathon.



4. Fitness Pain Free

Fitness Pain Free is a blog written by physical therapist Dan Pope. His goal is to help people reduce their pain and get back to high performance. His blog specializes in giving good information on back and shoulder pain. If you are currently experiencing injury, check out his blog for info on how you can get back to 100 percent!



5. Secret Nutrition

Secret Nutrition is a comprehensive blog focused on providing information on all things health and wellness. With many different writers, Secret Nutrition is great resource for those looking for information on how to live a healthier lifestyle.



6. Train Strong Live Strong

Train Strong Live Strong is a blog run by Timea, a fitness instructor. Timea’s blog is centered around helping people build resilience so that they can become the strongest version of themselves. With expert tips on kettlebell workouts, this blog is a must visit!



7. Run To The Finish

Run To The Finish is a blog run by Amanda C Brooks. Amanda is an fitness expert, with a focus on running. She regularly runs 40-50 miles per week. She writes about running tips, writes recipes, and offers reviews on products that she tries. Check her out!



8. All Around Joe

All Around Joe is run by Crossfit fanatic Joe Bauer. Joe is a certified Crossfit coach who is dedicated to health and wellness. In addition to running a blog filled with helpful health hacks, Joe also hosts a podcast which he frequently updates with in-depth interviews.



9. Comeback Momma

Comeback Momma is a blog run by Jenn Mitchell, a happy mother and trainer. She created Comeback Momma as a way of sharing the story of how she lost 50lbs of weight after having a child. She regularly writes about food, her traveling adventures, and what how to live healthy.



10. No Thanks To Cake

No Thanks To Cake is a blog run by Kelly, a Colorado native with a passion for health and wellness. Her health and wellness journey started when she used a Jenny Craig program to lose weight. She used her blog to document that process. Now, years later, she used No Thanks To Cake as a way to blog about healthy cooking and who to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Her blog is a can’t miss!



11. End of Three Fitness

End of Three Fitness is written by Jerred Moon. His blog covers fitness tips and routines, health advice, and interviews with a creative assortment of people, all in easy to watch and follow video form!




12. Pretty Fit

Pretty Fit is a blog by London-based Soph. As someone who has struggled with eating disorders, Soph uses her blog to write about how she achieved her now healthy lifestyle through good nutrition and a love of running, and how you can do the same.



13. Fitness 4 Mamas

Fitness 4 Mama’s is run by Mirka, a mom of two daughters. Her blog is an inspiration for those looking to balance motherhood and maintaining a fit lifestyle.




14. Simply Taralynn

Taralynn started her blog as way to share her weight-loss journey. Her posts include healthy (as well as some not so healthy) recipes, fitness tips, and personal stories about her life and travels.



15. Barbend

Barbend is a fitness site dedicated to providing the latest news in the world of Crossfit, weightlifting, and powerlifting. Check it out!


16. The Gains Lab

The Gains Lab blog is run by Matthew Wiebke, a Crossfit Games masters athlete. His blog offers technical information on Crossfit programing. Perfect for those looking to get a more in-depth look at what it takes to excel in the sport of excel.


17. Tier Three Tactical

Tier Three Tactical is a Crossfit geared website with helpful information on fitness, with a focus on those who enjoy living an outdoor oriented lifestyle. Tier Three Tactical is run by Jake Johnson, a former marine who has a passion for fitness and tactical living. Check it out!


18. Garage Gym Reviews

Garage Gym Reviews is blog that reviews fitness products of any kind, as well as DIY projects. Garage Gym Reviews goal is to make sure equipment is safe and effective.


19. Breaking Muscle

Written by 3 coaches, Shawn Gerber, Amanda Thebe, and Shane Trotter, Breaking Muscle. Each coach has different focus, giving their readers diverse and helpful advice. The articles range from workout tips and product reviews to lifestyle hacks and healthy recipes. 


20. Dash Of Wellness

Dash of Wellness is a popular health and wellness blog with informative, “bite sized” blog articles. With numerous contributors, Dash of Wellness is constantly putting out new content on how to create a healthy lifestyle.



21. Julie Foucher

Julie Foucher is a medical resident in Cleveland and a dedicated crossfitter in her time off. Julie competed in the Crossfit games until her competitive career was ended by an injury in 2015. Her blog consists of podcasts, video interviews, and written posts about crossfit and life.



22. Dormivigilia

Neuroscientist Allison Brager is the respected sleep researcher who runs Dormivigilia. She provides in-depth articles on the topics of sleep and circadian rhythm and how it impacts health.



23. GymFlow100

GymFlow100 is a fitness focused website with a comprehensive amount of workout information. With many different writers, this website constantly puts out high quality content.



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Aaron lal
Aaron lal

February 06, 2019

Thanx for sharing! Informative and interesting content to know about the diet control. Keep writing and sharing your writings.

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