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July 29, 2016 2 min read

Utzy Naturals is committed to bringing you the best supplements in the world. Whether it is our SuperPremium ingredients, pharmaceutical level production facilities, or our amazing quality control standards for effectiveness and safety, we are committed to our customers at all levels.

This wouldn’t be possible without an excellent team of professionals in every area at Utzy. At the top of list is our Scientific Advisor, Dr. Jeremy Johnson, PharmD, PhD. 

Working along side of our Product Development Team, Dr. Jeremy conducts vital research and formulation advisories for Utzy Naturals. Hereceived his PharmD and PhD at the University of Wisconsin, where he also completed a clinical research fellowship evaluating phytochemicals and botanical extracts.

As an assistant professor and licensed pharmacist he offers a unique perspective on the most current scientific literature related to health and nutrition (you can read latest research on his website Plant Medicine News).

His research has led to more than 45 publications and published abstracts in the health promoting properties of natural products, phytochemicals and plant extracts. He has presented some of his research findings at international scientific meetings in the USA, France, Turkey, and Israel.

We thought it was time to share Dr. Jeremy with the world – because we think he is an amazing guy. Below is Part 1 of 2; Q&A with Dr. Johnson (Part 2 is available here)

How did you become so passionate about botanical and supplemental nutrition?

Dr. Johnson: "During pharmacy school we are taught guidelines on how to treat cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and other conditions.  The very first recommendation on these guidelines is diet and lifestyle.  Botanicals and supplements are a logical choice to support healthy diet and lifestyle choices."


UTZY - What type of training have you received?

Dr. Johnson:"I received a bachelor’s degree (Biology major/Chemistry minor), aDoctor of Pharmacy degree, and a PhD where my thesis was on evaluating antioxidants.  I also completed an NIH (National Institutes of Health) fellowship that funded my research on botanical medicine.   I am also a licensed pharmacist."  


UTZY  - What is your area of expertise in Pharmacology?

Dr. Johnson: "My research lab has a variety of projects that are investigating the health promoting properties of antioxidants isolated from different plants (botanical medicine).  For example, we are evaluating the Mediterranean herb rosemary; a fruit from Southeast Asia known as the Mangosteen; and, are also studying the mango fruit, licorice, and resveratrol (the compound in red wine)."


UTZY - What makes Utzy Naturals the best choice in supplements?

Dr. Johnson:"When it comes to supplements the consumer needs to know that they can trust the product.  From the point of where and how the plant was grown, to manufacturing, and to what type of research supports the formulations, all are so important. This is what makes Utzy Naturals unique."  


Up next week, Dr. Johnson discusses his work in research, clinical trials, and why this is all so vital to Utzy Naturals commitment to the health and wellbeing of our consumers…

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