To make the best supplements you need three components:

•State of the Art Facilities
•Effective Processes
•and a Phenomenal Workforce.


Since we manufacture our own products (all photos on this page are from our facilities), we have the ultimate upper hand in ensuring that our manufacturing process is exactly as we need it to be to make exceptional products. It is an inviting place to work, with plenty of natural light. It is safe, modern, and well maintained. Our facility is built for function, flow and the ultimate in quality control.


You cannot build quality through testing. Testing is only the final proof your processes were effective.

Therefore, we build quality into our products through hundreds of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s). SOP’s not only keep us in compliance with regulatory agencies, but more importantly they ensure consistent quality and safety.

Whether it's how our people receive raw materials into the facility, testing each ingredient before being placed into inventory, or the very intricate work they perform in taking apart the machines after each run for thorough cleaning, detailed protocols are followed.


Our people are among the absolute finest and they are trained to perform their functions excellently. We hire on our shared values of excellence and integrity. Good people make great product.

But we take that a step further, our people are passionate about what they do, knowing that you are the ultimate benefactor is a reward. So whether it is top management, the receiving department or the scientists that test each ingredient for contaminants and accuracy, our promise to you is they are the best at what they do.

Just another reason you can supplement with confidence.

Our Commitment

Quality. Safe. Effective.