Our Ingredients

Par Excellence. Each and every ingredient is sourced as if it is the only ingredient offered. With hundreds of ingredients in Utzy Naturals’ products, this is an enormous undertaking - we wouldn’t have it any other way. Purity and quality are top priorities.

Vendor Vetting Process

We work with a number of world class suppliers to source ingredients for our Utzy products

•Each supplier must go through an in-depth 10-page vendor audit.
•Once a supplier is approved, each ingredient is tested for purity, potency, as well as for potential allergens (this includes using 3rd party labs)
•Once an ingredient tests out, it is then made available to be used in your favorite Utzy products!

U.S. And European Sourced Ingredients

Ingredients are chosen from top tier vendors in the United States and Europe. This includes sourcing the latest herbal ingredients, chelated minerals with high absorption rates, or Utzy’s U-Omega fish oil.

•We only use ingredients that are "best in class"
•Organic, non-GMO, and vegan ingredients are used whenever possible
•We also have a company farm, where we are starting to grow our own herbs (picture to the right is of Echinacea grown on our farm)

Decade Long Relationships with Vendors

Long-standing vendor relationships are key, especially when it comes to creating the best natural products in the world.

Our suppliers are committed to quality and have proven trustworthy to provide ingredients that meet, and exceed, the Utzy standard.

A few favorite companies include Euromed, based in Barcelona, FutureCeuticals in Momence, IL, NutriScience Innovations in Trumbull, CT, and Albion Laboratories in Layton, UT.

Our Commitment

Quality. Safe. Effective.