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Do Sleep Supplements Actually Work?

You may have seen ads for sleep supplements. They might have you thinking "this looks amazing, but do sleep supplements actually work?".

The answer is that it depends on the sleep formula and your individual body.

Each human body reacts in a different way to various kinds of bedtime supplements. Some people respond better to herbal sleep aids. Others do well with synthetic products, such as melatonin or 5-HTP.

A common complaint is that a specific type of sleep aid doesn't work. While a specific type of sleep supplement might not work for you, keep in mind that the same product may work perfectly for someone else.

So how can you tell if a sleep aid will work for you? Read on below.

The Best Way To Find A Sleep Supplement That Works

The ideal way to tell if a natural sleep aid works is to test it. Simply put, you need to give it a trial run in your body.

For instance, valerian root tends to be a controversial sleep ingredient. People either love it or hate it.

The only way to tell if valerian is a good option for helping you sleep is to try it.

Another popular sleep supplement that that tends to be polarizing is melatonin. Either people swear by it, or they hate it! Again, the only way to tell if melatonin is a good option for you is to try it. See if it works. If it does, yay! If not, move on to another nighttime formula and see if it works for you.

Another way to find a bedtime formula that works for you is by reading our next tip (below).


Find The Root Cause

If you have tried many different different sleep aid pills to little effect, your next step is simple. Find the cause of your sleep issue.

Every problem has a root cause, it is no different for sleep. Something is keeping you up at night. It may be an imbalance in your body or it may be stressful, racing thoughts.

Whatever the problem, it is important to identify it. Once you figure out the root issue, your next step is to find a solution.

If your problem is an overactive brain, consider sleep aids that can help to promote relaxation.

A great ingredient for this is Suntheanine, a calming amino acid made from green tea. Suntheanine works to promote a feeling of relaxation, it does this by stimulating an increase in Alpha Brain waves. This helps to create a sense of tranquility in your brain.

Share Your Knowledge!

If you find a sleep supplement that works for you, share your information! There are many people in the US, and around the world, that struggle with occasional sleeplessness.

While every body is different, and will react a different way, if you have found a solution, share it with others.