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Micro Melatonin

Micro Melatonin is a small, sustainable dose of melatonin for replenishing your body's stores.

More Isn't Always Better.....

Micro Melatonin is included in a smaller dosage than what is regularly found on the market. At 250 micrograms per tablet (1/4 of a 1 milligram dose), you have the flexibility to find the amount that is optimal for you. This also allows you to microdose melatonin for sustainable long-term use.

  • • SLEEP BETTER | Micro Melatonin helps you maintain balance so you can sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

    • LESS IS MORE | Research shows that microdoses of melatonin are just as effective as large doses

    • MAINTAIN MELATONIN LEVELS | Melatonin levels diminish as you age, maintain your levels with Micro Melatonin

  • Melatonin, Sour Cherry Powder, Natural Cane Sugar, Isomalt, Xylitol, Citric Acid, Potassium Bicarbonate, Natural Cherry Flavor, Sodium Stearyl Fumarate, and Croscarmellose Sodium.

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    Chloe B.
    United States United States

    Does What It Says...Naturally!

    This is precisely what I needed. A tiny dose, only doubling the amount of melatonin in my system (.3 is what our brains make), that isn't fake chemicals. I will say, even this will make you a little dependent, not because it's addictive, but because it's effective. Used sparingly, you could likely even train your system to make more, as opposed to making it a daily habit. This makes me drowsy as if I had a full day of healthy eating and exercise (doesn't always happen!) and really does best at keeping me asleep. I used to spend hours tossing, and waking up every hour, but I do think with a few more months of this I could train my system to improve, and use it to ensure good sleep on days I need to wake up early. Will be recommending and purchasing again!

    Karla T.

    Superior to higher doses of melatonin

    I use melatonin for occasional sleeplessness and to regulate my sleeping patterns when things get out of whack. Taking crazy doses of melatonin--10,000 mg--left me feeling extremely groggy, listless and fatigued the next day. I did some research and found that lower doses of melatonin could actually be more beneficial than higher doses and looked for the lowest dose-melatonin I could find. This product works fantastically--I take it and have no trouble falling asleep within a reasonable timeframe. I will say that, although it works wonderfully to help me fall asleep in the evenings, it doesn't do anything to prevent me from waking up unreasonably early. That is probably due to some underlying issue and not the fault of the product. These are my full and honest thoughts and I was not compensated in any way to write this review. Hope this helps!

    Nicole Y.

    Micro Melatonin is Helping Us Sleep

    We are two senior citizens who occasionally find it difficult to get a great night's sleep, especially with jet lag. According to my research, micro tabs are a much better dose than drugstore melatonin. We are very pleased with the micro dose and high quality of Utzy's product.

    Lydia R.
    United States United States

    Micro melatonin

    Very helpful as I can adjust the doses by myself when I need it.

    Tammy S.
    United States United States


    So far this product, Micro Melatonin, is working very well for us. We find our sleep time more prolonged and we feel rested in the morning. I would recomment Utzy products.