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August 21, 2017 3 min read

 Coffee has been a staple in people’s morning routines for decades. However, energy drinks have recently taken the market by force, providing a stronger caffeine high that can last for hours. And it makes you wonder, are energy drinks really better than coffee? While some prefer the taste of energy drinks over coffee, there are new studies that show that the contents of some energy drinks can do more harm than good.


Coffee Versus Energy Drinks

Energy drinks can have a mass concoction of a ton of different ingredients containing caffeine and other substances. Coffee is a much more natural method to getting your caffeine intake. Organic coffee (and some specialty brands) will have little to no preservatives or additives in their blends, which is a much healthier route to take. Energy drinks have preservatives, flavorings, dyes, and enough sugar to jump start a car if needed. Coffee is plant-based, more natural, and has added health benefits

coffee is the healthiest energy drink 

The Benefits of Coffee

Many people need their morning cup of joe to get their day started. Coffee has benefits other than the morning or after-lunch caffeine boost that we seek. Coffee has been around for hundreds of years and has had numerous studies to prove its benefits. It can improve your mood and provide a source of antioxidants. Energy drinks are newer to the caffeine game and their problems outweigh any benefits.


The Problem With Energy Drinks

While the overuse of any source of caffeine can be dangerous to our health, there are many reports of issues with energy drinks, due to their extremely high caffeine and sugar content. Too much sugar can cause dental problems, and while you may experience a noticeable energy boost from an energy drink, their sugar content is usually so high that the crash that follows is very pronounced. 

This may leave you feeling overly tired and unable to focus because of the extreme spikes your body is experiencing. Additionally, energy drinks can mess with your body's ability to fall asleep later on at night


The Problem With Energy Drinks: Too Much Sugar

Sugar is delicious, but it presents a ton of health issues. Energy drinks are packed with sugar. They are pre-made, ready to go, off the shelves drinks that we merely have to pop open and guzzle. 

Coffee can also be loaded up with sugar. However, the difference between coffee and energy drinks is that we control the sugar content that goes into our cups. Adding less sugar or none at all to your morning cup can easily be accommodated. At coffee houses, we can ask for special concoctions or a healthier option with less sugar (sugar free syrups, stevia, etc….)

While it may come down to the preference of caffeine intake, coffee definitely has some great benefits to it. The smell throughout the house as you brew coffee can’t be beat, and it has less sugar and additives in it making it one of the healthiest “energy drinks” still on the market today.

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Do you a particular type of coffee that you love? Or any tips for drinking coffee? Share your advice in the comments section, below!



Sarah is in love with coffee, but she takes care to consider the benefits and precautions needed to indulge in this amazing drink. By discussing her findings on We Dream of Coffee, she hopes to inform more people about the benefits of this power drink.

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