Many people successfully lose weight only to face an equally-as-challenging task of keeping it off. A recent study shows that only 1 in 5 people successfully maintain a healthy weight regimen after initially losing weight (source).

That means that 80 percent of the people who lose weight will gain it back!

So what are the habits of the 20% of people that successfully kept weight off?

In this article we'll detail healthy lifestyle factors for maintaining health weight - and keeping it off. 

Below are five ways that can help you avert sliding back into regaining weight and keep your new body going into the future.


1. Stick To A Consistent Diet

After working tirelessly to lose weight, you cannot afford going back to where you’ve come from. Thus you must watch what you eat. Most people who have registered a loss in weight maintain a consistent diet.

Research has been done and results exhibit that those who ate a consistent diet the entire time (after losing weight) are on a scale of 1-10, 9/10 likely to maintain their weight within 5 kg over a year compared to those who ate a healthy diet.

It’s monotonous to be eating the same food time after time but this can be of help with self-control and keep unexpected temptations to your maximum threshold. But also indulging in a cheat meal once in a while isn’t a sin; it can be a problem however if it turns into a habit.

So they key is not depriving yourself but coming up with a clear-cut meal plan without necessarily feeling like you are forfeiting too much.


2. They Prioritize Exercise

It’s very hard to make some activities more important than others. After all, life isn’t like a Maslow’s hierarchy.  But, well, when it comes to your body issues and health you can be able to prioritize activities for a safer tomorrow.

This is evident in people who have already lost weight as most of them spare an hour of their time every day to exercise. This turns into a healthy and effective habit since nutrition works best when combined with exercise to promote favorable weight loss.

After losing weight people often get motivated to keep on working out. Surprisingly, when exercise results become apparent, not only does it help them slip back into that little dress or trouser it improves their mood and productivity.

This may be of big help to them as it additionally helps build well-defined muscles and change their body compositions if they were obese initially.


3. They Eat Breakfast

It’s almost impossible to find people who have lost weight skipping breakfast, be it they are fasting or are having stomach issues. Many people tend to think that starving themselves helps lose weight but in real sense this is counterproductive.

A breakfast rich in proteins, vitamins, fat, and carbohydrates (high fiber) can set the pace for you to handle the whole day with a lot of energy. It also lower chances of having mid-morning hunger and decreases chances of being hungry by lunchtime thus reducing chances of eating calories all day.

Research shows that people who skip breakfast are statistically 4 times more likely to be obese or overweight thus you cannot find someone who has lost weight skipping breakfast.

Treat yourself to a healthy balanced diet and you will be on your way to losing weight.


4. They Weigh Weekly

Around 70% of the people who register lose in weight make sure they weigh at least once a week. Weighing can be of value as you may want to have better control of your weight for a longer period of time.

Furthermore, weighing helps in keeping those success weight-loss stories staying on track and making sure they reach their goals as planned. This comes in handy as motivation is built by that number which comes on at the scale giving birth to healthier habits.

However, it’s normal for your body weight to oscillate time after time. So don’t worry when slight fluctuations occur.


5. They Avoid Watching TV Excessively

Researchers and physicians have concluded that it’s not good to spend many hours idling on your television. Only 62% of these people heed the advice.

Spending too much time sited means that your body burns minimal calories. But once you are active, this accelerates the burning of calories in your body thus helping out in keeping a good weight.

This doesn’t mean that you should keep off or give up on your television for maximum success but what is required is finding a balance.


The Take Home Message

It would be superstitious to conclude that people who have lost weight and successfully kept it off are privy to a secret only known to a few. But the simple, plain, and raw truth is that there are zero secrets; it’s just a matter of working hard, being consistent and a bit of patience.



Jane Grates - Writing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Jane is an entrepreneur, and a full-time housewife. She spends most of her time on doing kitchen stuff reviews and owns several health and home sites such as The Fit bay, Jane’s Kitchen Miracles, That Sweet Gift, Runnerclick and Nicershoes.