At Utzy we are proud to announce that two of our sleep aid formulas have won awards for being the best natural sleep aids in their categories.

Stay Asleep won the category as the "Editor's Choice" for best overall natural sleep aid. Our top selling sleep formula was recognized for having ingredients that are "tested for quality, purity, strength, and composition". 

Micro-Melatonin won the category for being the "Best Low Dose Melatonin". Micro-Melatonin was recognized for it's small dosage of 250mcg that allows for "more precise dosing". It was also noted that Micro-Melatonin's innovative cherry flavoring helps to "promote your body's natural melatonin production".

We are honored to have receive these awards; we will continue to strive to create the cleanest, most effective natural supplements on the market.

-The Utzy Team