Fitness Bundle

Our Fitness Bundle includes our Essentially-U (120ct), U-Omega (60ct), U-Mag (30serv). This is everything you need to recovery from intense workouts.


Support Your Body's Recovery

Our Fitness Bundle includes our Essentially-U (120ct), U-Omega (60ct), U-Mag (30serv). This is everything you need to recovery from intense workouts.  Working out tears down your body, help your body rebuild with our Fitness Bundle. This bundle includes key nutrients that help your body repair itself and reduce soreness.

  • •BUNDLE & SAVE | Save $25 with this bundle - regularly priced at $95

    •WORKOUT RECOVERY |  Support your joints and help your muscles recover faster

    •SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE | - Backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee

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  • What's Your Return Policy?

    We have a 90-day Empty Bottle Guarantee. Whether the bottle is full or empty, if our supplements don‘t work for you, contact us within 90 days and we will make it right.

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