You've probably heard about the benefits of bergamot supplements for a while now.

However, it can be a little overwhelming with all of the options out there.

What are the benefits of bergamot supplements?

Which products are the best, are they safe, etc...

In this article we are going to focus everything you need to know about bergamot supplements.


What Is Bergamot Fruit?

Bergamot is a small citrus fruit grown in Italy. Aside from supplements, you are most likely familiar with it if you drink Earl Grey tea where its peel is used to add a distinct citrus flavor.

The fruit itself is about the size of an orange and ranges in color from green to yellow depending on how ripe the fruit is. These fruits are sometimes called citron doux - “sweet lemons” - but they are actually a hybrid of lemon and bitter oranges.

Keep in mind, citrus bergamot is more than just a nice flavoring for your tea. It also offers a myriad of health benefits in different doses of its supplement form.


Benefits of Bergamot Supplements:

Below we'll dig into the reasons why you should consider supplementing with citrus bergamot.


1. Natural Cholesterol Support 

One thing that many people struggle with is their cholesterol. Statin drugs are a common solution to this problem. This, at first glance, seems great - a drug that will help people with higher cholesterol keep it under control.

However, the reality is far less fantastic than the theory.

In reality, many people prescribed statin drugs aren’t helped by them. In addition, there are plenty of adverse side effects that a minimum of 18% of people experience.

These include a range of effects such as liver damage, negative mood issues, and other health complaints.

The good news, though, is that citrus bergamot might offer some of the same benefits as statin drugs without the side effects. All while being a natural option.

Much like statins, bergamot extract helps to support normal LDL cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) levels. In addition, it also helps to to support HDL (“good” cholesterol) levels.

This was proven in study in which Italian researchers gave participants either 500 mg or 1000 mg of bergamot extract daily. A month later, they checked the participants’ cholesterol levels.

The LDL cholesterol levels in the 500 mg group fell 24% and 36% in the 1000 mg group. At the same time, HDL levels were assessed, showing a 22% increase in the 500 mg group and a 40% in the 1000 mg group (1).

The study also looked at the cardiovascular risk factor of triglycerides and found the 500 mg group saw a 30% decrease and the 1000 mg group saw a 39% decrease.


2. Supports Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Citrus bergamot supplements can also help to support normal blood sugar levels. 

To test the theory of it being used to help blood sugar, scientists set to a study on lab rats (1).

The study broke the rats into 4 groups. These groups were further broken up in three groups consisting of a 500 mg/day group, a 1000 mg/day group, and a placebo group.

The study first confirmed the results of the other study we looked at regarding LDL and HDL cholesterol. However, it also showed an improvement in blood sugar levels at a decrease of 25.4% in the 1000 mg/day group and a 22.3% decrease in the 500 mg/day group.

This was compared to an only 1.5% decrease in the control (placebo) group.

If you struggle with blood sugar fluctuations, consider taking bergamot.


3. Other Benefits of Citrus Bergamot

There are other benefits of using bergamot that aren’t as fully explored as the ones we have looked at here. Some of these include promoting positive mood and stress control. Bergamot might even help the body fight off bacterial and fungal infections.

Aside from the supplement form, citrus bergamot can be used as an essential oil for purposes such as helping to heal cold sores faster.

How Much Bergamot Should You Take?

The studied amount of bergamot is 500mg taken daily. The form is usually in a powdered extract made from the rind of the fruit. This was what the researchers in Italy used in their seminal studies (2).

If you are looking to take a citrus bergamot dietary supplement, make sure it contains at least 500mg of powdered extract.

Taking less than 500mg can lead to reduced effectiveness. 


Buy Bergamot Supplements

Bergamot is an exciting new dietary supplement innovation. With impressive research behind it, it looks like a great option for those looking for a natural cholesterol support product.

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