-How long have you been doing Crossfit?

About 2 years!


-What got you into Crossfit?

Seeing it on television (ESPN) and realizing I wanted something more than static, bodybuilder style movements.


-What was your background before Crossfit?

Bodybuilding/martial arts


-What's your favorite exercise?

Chest and back


-What does your daily nutrition look like?

I eat around 5-6 meals a day. Eggs and oatmeal in the morning! Mid-morning is usually a protein bar, tuna or shake. Lunch, chicken breast or steak.. with broccoli and some rice. Same for mid afternoon as mid morning. Dinners usually fish, spaghetti, or rice.. and a salad/ broccoli. And I'll take my fish oil morning, Lunch, dinner!! And U mag before bed!! Mmmmm! Love that stuff (and it’s sugar/carb free, which makes it super easy to fit into my macros)


-What would be your best tip for a beginner that is trying to get into a health/fit lifestyle?

Don’t get stressed about all the exercise programs that are out there! Find a program that works for you and stay with it! Even if you have to start out with bodyweight exercises like pushups and squats, start there and move forward. You don't have to be in the gym for hours either! 30 to 45 minutes is all you need to start out. Keep in mind, that shorter rest periods keep your heart rate up, which will help to burn more calories. Resting around 30sec to 1 min is ideal.


-As much as we advocate a clean diet, what is your cheat meal go to?

I would have to say pizza or ice cream (Coconut Bliss ice cream to be exact, that stuff is killer!).


-What is one lifestyle you are looking to add to your routine in 2017 (i.e. drink more water, etc….)?

Helping people reach their fitness goals!



-What are your current fitness goals for 2017?

Getting more flexible + strength