One of the biggest challenges to staying healthy is making sure your cholesterol levels aren’t too high. With foods like deep fried turkey and all sorts of pies and cakes, it isn’t always easy to avoid high cholesterol foods.

But don’t worry! We’re here to help you make it through!


Good and Bad Cholesterol

First, when you’re monitoring your cholesterol, it’s important to know that not all cholesterol is bad. HDL cholesterol is considered the “good” cholesterol, while you want to keep LDL cholesterol low.

Some foods for maintaining good cholesterol health include:


•almonds (raw)



•dark green leafy vegetables (such as kale & spinach)



So, when planning your meals, make sure you keep this in mind and include some of those foods!


Limiting Some Foods 

Pumpkin pie and other foods with higher fat can raise your LDL. It’s more than likely that some of these types of food will be part (or have already been a part) of your holiday meals. Even if you’re the one cooking, we know that it’s not realistic to think you can avoid these foods all season long.

However, it can help to limit the amount you eat on the holiday itself, and limit those types of foods between holidays.


Moving After a Big Meal 

We know, just about everything revolving around your health includes getting up and moving. We also know your busy schedule probably doesn’t make it possible to get out and about as much as you would like. That’s why the holiday season is a great time to take a walk! Now, we’re not suggesting you do a full workout right after you eat the holiday ham or turkey. Lots of us have a couple of days off near the end of the year, and that’s the perfect time to ease into an exercise plan. 

After a heavy meal, it’s easy to collapse on the couch and not move. Going for a walk around the neighborhood can make a big difference in how you feel after eating a bigger meal. If you live in a warmer climate you could also consider going for a bike ride, too!


Adding Supplement and Vitamins

Adding a daily supplement is an easy way to support healthy cholesterol. Utzy’s Berbercol is a blend of Berberine and Bergamonte that is intended to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Even during the holiday season, you can still be at your best. We want to help you achieve your health goals all year long, but especially during the holidays when we tend to eat foods higher in cholesterol. Watching what you eat, moving a little more, and adding a supplement are just simple tools that can be a help in achieving these goals.